Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Never Too Busy

Sometimes technology is not my friend.

My phone has one of those particularly obnoxious ring tones, and it went off right in the middle of a meeting. I hate being one of those thoughtless people who fail to observe proper cell phone etiquette! To make matters worse, I saw that it was my daughter, Lisa, who was eight months pregnant at the time. My heart rate accelerated as I wondered if she was calling to tell me she went into early labor. More than anything I wanted to answer that call. Even as all that went through my mind, my finger automatically hit “ignore”.


I absolutely love to talk to my kids. Sometimes though, like then, they call when I can’t answer. Like when someone else is with me. Or I’m already on my office phone. True confession here; if I’m away from my phone I might not even notice they tried to call until much later (please don’t tell them I said this).

Other times I look down at my phone, see their name and say to myself, “I’ll call them back as soon as I have more time to talk.” Then I get busy and the day gets away from me. It’s not that they aren’t important—they are! There are just so many things tugging at my attention, and I, well, I just forget.

I am so grateful that God is never too busy to take my call. It doesn’t matter how many times I do it, He always answers. No matter how many people are talking to Him, He always has time for me. It’s never inconvenient, and He listens as long as I need without making me feel like I’m imposing. God never looks down to see who’s calling so He can decide whether or not to answer. He wants to hear from me, so He never hits “ignore”. Because He loves me, and I’m that important to Him.

By the way, Lisa didn’t deliver my seventh grandchild, Ethan, for another month. And sometimes technology is my friend; I have his picture safely stored on my phone!

Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord will hear when I call to Him.                                                                                                                            Psalm 4:3

Further reflection:

1. Have you ever been too busy to answer the phone?

2. Have you ever had someone that you wanted to talk to, yet they were too busy to either answer your call or call you back? How did that make you feel?

3. How does it make you feel to realize that God Himself is always ready to hear from you?

Father, sometimes it is beyond my comprehension that You not only allow me into Your presence, but You welcome me! I am incredibly grateful that You always hear me when I call to You, You always listen, and You never ignore me. Thank You for this concrete proof of Your love!

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